Falling in love with Italy again.

Magnus Walker will be seeing me.

Creator of the most beautiful.

Pretty cool digs!

An amazing player, even more impressed with his honesty and approach to his passion.

Taylor Phinney: “Being successful is simple”

Eat, Sleep and Ride your bike. Who knew it was that simple.

Every time that I feel I am slowing down my learning process, my learning curve is getting flatter or whatever, it does not make me very happy. That does not only apply to being a professional, a racing driver, but also as a man. … There is allot to learn, allot to do in life. Happiness will come, when I feel complete as a whole.

Ayrton Senna

from the documentary SENNA. No Fear. No Limits. No Equal.

Today I do what others won’t.

So tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Very cool. The brave creativity of Bjarke Ingels.

A quick update on the coolest artificial ski hill.